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Our Vision

     We seek to glorify and enjoy our God by creating quality bakery and farm goods. The Streblows have been honored to call Granite Falls their home since 1965, and hope to continue serving the community through the Bakery and whatever other means God provides, as long as He is willing.

Our History

     Carl and Nancy Aus established Carl’s Bakery in 1957. Their son Tom and his wife Laurie took ownership in 1987. After 32 years, they handed the bakery off to the Streblow family, while carefully overseeing and passing on their traditions and talents. The Streblow family is striving to maintain the award-winning quality and wonderful variety that locals have always enjoyed, while adding to it their own unique family heritage.

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Joshua Streblow, previous owner Tom Aus, and Isaiah Streblow


Josh and Randi Streblow with children Isaiah, Ariana, Julia, Kara, Lenora, Ezra, Judah, Havalah, and Fiona

     Owners Joshua Streblow and his son Isaiah are the full-time bakers. Josh's wife Randi is part-time manager and cook, in charge of the daily soup and/or stew specials. Ariana is both manager and chief cake decorator. Julia, Kara, Lenora, Ezra, and Judah all jump in with a variety of tasks in the back, as well as helping customers up front. Havalah and Fiona bring smiles for everyone! On the side, the family has a regenerative farm operation. Their pastured chicken, pork, and eggs are available at the store and are featured in the soups, stews, salads, and sandwiches.



     Owner Dale Streblow, father to Joshua, contributes his artistic talents in a variety of ways. The storefront features a gallery of his paintings. along with card prints for sale. While Dale spends the majority of his time in the woodshop and investing in his many grandchildren, he often makes time to lend a hand at the bakery, making deliveries and greeting visitors.

Dale Streblow, part owner
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